Joey Stuckey has been producing and recording artists and bands in all genres since the age of 17.

His wealth of knowledge and experience can take your song from demo to radio-ready at a price that won't have you taking on extra jobs to pay off.

He has over 20 years of success in the music industry and teaches what he knows at the college level in his home town of Macon, Georgia.

In the digital age, where artist of all abilities and experience can find success with their music, it is more important than ever to have a knowledgeable producer assisting you to craft your music.

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Joey Stuckey's Mutual of Omaha Aha Moment


"Joey has an amazing set of ears and a huge wealth of music and production knowledge and is fun to work with. He shines at taking a song and bringing it to a whole new level."

Joe Solo - Producer (Macy Gray, Fergie)